Monday, April 3, 2017

Quilt Show and other stuff

Hi all.

I was finally working on my quilts for the quilt show, making some progress in early February.  I went to a new doctor and he put me on some fancy new medicine, a once a week injection.  It helped my blood sugar alright. I was so sick the first week, but since I was also taking antibiotics for an infection, I thought they might be interacting, so at the end of the first week, I took the next dose. Oh boy, the new meds took care of the high blood sugar alright, I was so sick I couldn't eat for three days.  Because it is a slow release, I couldn't stop taking it until it worked out of my system.  I went back to the doctor, and he put me on a different med, pills this time.  I hope we find the right one soon, since this new one is not up to snuff, either.

Back to quilting, having lost 2 weeks almost, I was feeling stressed about getting the work done.  I also had committed to a booth at the bazaar.  I didn't get many things done, so I took a bunch of specialty embroidery threads left over from a stitching store I had many years ago.  I had about 8 pincushions, and 3 baby quilts.  Didn't sell much, but I tried.

Here are my entries in the March 23 - 25 Snake River Valley Quilt Show 2017:

Here is my major quilt.  It is "My Tweets" by Erin Russek.  It was a free BOM a few years back. I finally got all the blocks done and set it together and quilted it.  In a previous post, I showed that I do most of the large quilts in sections, because I just have a domestic machine.  I then  put the sections together in a modified quilt as you go.  I finally got a good picture of it at the quilt show.

I was stunned to win the blue ribbon, a purple ribbon for best hand applique, and a special certificate from a local organisation, in this case the Snake River Valley Animal Shelter.

This is one of my designs "Fantasy Vines"   I got a red ribbon and a special award for best machine applique.  Also a special certificate from a member of the City Counsel. 

This is my North Wind quilt.  I didn't win any prizes, but got a lot of questions about the pattern and how I made it.  I got good reviews on the judging paper, also. It doesn't show well but the "wind" and "snow flakes" are a white fabric with silver sparkles and I used a silver metallic thread for all the applique. 

The week of the show was so busy.  I had to deliver the quilts to be judged on Monday, I helped setup the displays on Wednesday, (about 7 hours).  On Friday, I worked my shift at the Bazaar.  And I went back Saturday afternoon to help take everything down.  I don't know how the ladies of the guild did it, but everything seemed to go very smoothly.  At least on the part I helped with.

Since then I haven't sewn a thing!  I did sort out my sewing area.  I have to do a major clean out every 2 years.  I cull out things I know I won't use, refold all the fabric that I have stuffed in anywhere it would fit, clean up the thread and embellishments and throw out the junk.  I'm about ready to start creating again.  I got so far behind on my UFO list, I may have to complete at least one small quilt soon, to get back in the swing of things.  

Happy Creating!! 

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  1. Congrats on the quilt show ribbon, Susan! That is a WOWZER!! Incredible detail! I would be very interested in finding the post that talks about how you do your quilts in sections. Can you send me that link?