Sunday, December 11, 2016

Are you ready for Christmas??

I just finished the second quilt I am giving this Christmas.  Several years ago I put together a quilt from the Jewel Box traditional pattern.  Here is a picture of it then.  I had about 2 yards of the watercolor native american yardage.  I used thea prominent colors of that to choose other pieces to go with it.  One piece was used for all the diagonal squares.  It was a tie die pattern that contained the red/orange, green/aqua colors.  I used a grey for the background and orange for the borders and center squares. I used what was left of the squares for the added top and bottom border of squares.   I had a small handful of scraps left over when I was done.  I even had to piece the outer border from what was left over from the 9 fussy cut centers.

Here are some pictures of what it is like to push this quilt through my domestic machine.  It is 72 inches by 80 inches.  After several days of quilting (I think I am kind of slow) my hands, arms and shoulders are very tired and sore.  But I got it done in time for Christmas.  

I used some red fabric from my stash for the backing and bound it with a flange binding combining the red and some grey.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I don't do free motion very good and used only a walking foot for this quilt.

Because my sewing space takes up about 1/3 of our living room, my sister always uses my big work table to put up her Christmas tree and village display, so I have cleaned up the space for her now.  I have other Christmas related sewing to do, but it is all very small compared to the two quilts I did for this year.

Merry Christmas.  I may not post again until after the first of the year, so Happy New Year also.