Monday, April 7, 2014

Hi all. I have been absent for a couple of years.  I was not designing and just let my blogs slide.

I have a question about patterns that I would love feed back on. I have 3 patterns published and had a Four Seasons series in a magazine. I love the designing, and construction of the tops, but have a hard time getting them quilted, and detailed patterns written.  I was wondering if any of you would be interested in buying patterns that are what I would call " bare bones" patterns. 

 I would include a picture of the unquilted top, some general fabric requirements, templates and/or placement diagrams and any hints as to how to complete the top. I would then leave it up to the individual to make any changes they wanted. I hate writing up detailed instructions and I very seldom use them anyway, except for diagrams and templates. These would usually be "stash" type quilts or as I call them "Planned Scrappy". I thought I could charge about $5 each and list them on ETSY or some other pattern outlets as PDF downloads. When I finally get the top quilted I could change out the old picture for the quilted one.

 Does this sound like something any of you would be interested in? I have more ideas than time to work on them and this way I could get to more of the fun stuff! I will try to show my latest project soon.