Monday, November 28, 2016

First Christmas Quilt Finished!!

I usually cut up any fabric scraps that are smaller than an eighth of a yard into squares.  I have a box of squares that I pick from when I am doing a scrappy quilt.  They range in size from 2 inches to 5 inches.  A couple of year ago, I started making half square triangles from some of the 3 inch squares, half light and half dark.  I would make a few when I had a little time, then trim them to make 2 1/2 inch squares.  I'd stack them up until I had a hundred, then bundle then together with string.  When I had what I figured were enough to make an ocean waves quilt, I started making the blocks, again just a few at a time.  Last summer I counted the blocks and I finally had enough for a double size quilt.  Since these were quite literally scraps, I am afraid I was not as accurate as I usually  try to be.  It was going to be a utility quilt for picnics and such.  Or an extra quilt if someone stayed over night.

For the last few years I have been making quilts for family members, I had planned on making a dragonfly quilt for my sister that I live with, but she wanted the ocean waves quilt when I got the top done.  I usually try to make the larger quilts in 2 or three pieces, because I only have a home machine, and I don't have a very big space to push a quilt through.

Here is the start of laying out the blocks.

I did the quilt in two parts with a seam across the middle.  I quilt within about 1 1/2 inches of the seam line.  After the quilting is done, I seam the two haves together.  First the top is seamed together, then I cut the batting to meet, and whip stitch it together.  Then cut the backing so that it overlaps just off center from the previous seams, to reduce the bulk.  Then that seam is hand stitched down.  Then the hard part is finishing the quilting that was left unquilted.  I quilted the borders last.  Then  binding and it is done.  It is also cat approved. I gave it to her last week.  She loves it.  When I get some other projects done, I may do that special dragonfly quilt for her anyway.

Scamp (on the pillows) and Kali say it is just right.

That's all for now. Happy quilting!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Fantasy Road Signs
A couple of years ago, my quilt guild had a challenge to create a Road Sign quilt.  I got the top done for the show and tell, but didn't get the quilting finished until October 31, Halloween, of this year.  Here are some photos of my finished quilt.   I wanted to do something a little different from regular road signs.

Here are the individual blocks:

I loved searching the internet for silhouettes to use for the crossing signs. I used fusible to apply all but the letters, they were painted on.  I then used satin stitch to secure the silhouettes and the black edges down. 

These are the information signs.  I came up with 4 signs that went with the crossing signs. 

 I used an interesting fabric of swirls and stars for the road.  The white lines of the road is a white and silver sparkle fabric.  I was puzzled what to use for a background fabric.  I didn't want to use a solid, too boring.  I finally found the country fabric that looks pretty good and is not boring.  For the green signs, I tried printing out the designs on the fabric.  It didn't look very good.  So I got some fabric paint and painted over the printed signs to make it show up.  I used a fusible to attach the white edges on the information signs and then used a satin stitch to secure it permanently.

I didn't have any of the black road fabric when I got around to the back, but I did have another patterned black fabric.  The back is a dark green solid, with a 9 inch wide version of the road running from top to bottom.   

I tried to outline the individual words in free motion quilting, but after 3 tries that I hated, I just outlined the lines of  words instead.  the rest was quilted in simple lines.  I think it turned out pretty good.